Education will singularly drive our future, and through it we intend to harness the collective power of today's youth to build a legacy of promise, potential and prosperity for young people as well as the community at large.

Nevada's Promise is a critical call to action to address the education of future generations. There is consensus at all levels of our society: for America to remain vibrant as an economy and a civilization, we must assume ultimate responsibility for what our children learn and how effectively they are taught. By all measures, Nevada is failing the grade:

The State of Nevada's Blue Ribbon Task Force was formed to develop a comprehensive call to action. It was charged with developing a comprehensive education reform plan to apply for the competitive Race to The Top federal funds. This exercise turned out to be more than an application for grant money and brought about significant reform milestones:

  • A collaboration of a diverse group of stakeholders united with a common goal
  • The creation of a blueprint for education reform, Nevada's Promise—a pledge to achieve significant, positive, and transformative changes for education in Nevada
  • Progress in changing the way we do business in education

Compelled by the seriousness of the challenge, a vast and diverse group of more than 200 stakeholders provided input and support to the state's efforts in the commission of the federal Race to The Top grant application, and the launch of Nevada's Promise:

  • Nevada Department of Education and State Board
  • Board of Trustees (of all 17 Nevada School Districts)
  • Nevada State Education Association
  • Nevada Parent Teacher Association
  • Political, civic, and business leaders
  • School principals and teachers
  • Parents

The next step is the communication and execution of Nevada's Promise: Excellence, Rigor, and Equity—a blueprint to build a better tomorrow for Nevada. It is our collective responsibility as citizens to invest in and support the objectives within Nevada's Promise to achieve a higher standard of education and improve our graduation rate.